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Savan Hotlines
  • 08023302732 (Dr Eddy)
  • 08056014005 (Ambulance)
  • 08034714652 (Cent Hosp Liason)
  • 08034072135 (Cent Hosp.)
  • 08044130107 (Abuja)
  • 08023124495 (Lagos)
  • 08056014513 (Dr Eraga)
  • 08023010639 (Rev. Eddy)
  • 042251011 (Eric Igweshi - Enugu Chapter)

SAVAN is a non-governmental organization in Nigeria that was established to increase the chance of survival of Road Traffic Accident Victims and other critical emergency conditions by acting as the victim(s) relation in the absence of their biological relatives in collaboration with the hospital designated as SAVAN Medical Centers.
SAVAN is established with the following objectives:
  • Provision of drugs, surgical materials and other consumables at the critical phase of hospitalization.
  • Provision of necessary funds for investigation, blood transfusion and other immediate medical services to ensure survival.
  • Communicating with relatives of accident victims within 24 to 48 hours with information on the location and situation of victim(s).
  • Acting as guarantor for the victim so that the hospital bureaucracy is reduced to the barest minimum in course of management.
  • Sensitization of the populace by use of seminar, workshop and evacuation procedure from the accident sites in order to reduce further injuries to the victim.

It sounds unbelievable, but it is true that one out of every four Accident Victims in Nigeria is either rejected by the Hospital or abandoned without any treatment with the Good Samaritan looking stupid.No wonder, that one death is recorded for every three accidents cases in Nigeria whereas one death is recorded out of 185 accident cases in France.

A very notorious case is that of a former Vice Chancellor who was rejected by four Hospitals after sustaining Gun Shot Injury and the outcome was death. Even in cases where few victims are admitted the beauracracy of no bed, no doctor, no drugs and a sluggish overwhelmed system contribute to killing the accident victim. It is not any better at the point of death because you are not sure of a space in the mortuary or you are dumped on the floor to decompose rapidly without any embalmment.

How long can we as people pretend by playing dumb and deaf ?
The time to act is NOW!!!.

For information on how you can be a part of our efforts click here or call: 234-(0)8023302732


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"I can see SAVAN going beyond the shores of this Country..."
-Prof A.U. Oronsayi (Former M.D., UBTH)

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